In 2021, Port Logistics Ltd increased transhipment volumes in the Seaport of Vyborg by 60 percent. Such results were reached mainly due to the 2.6 times growth of coal and coke transhipment. Transshipment of mineral fertilizers, the second largest type of cargo, also increased by 17 percent.
The Seaport of Vyborg cargo throughput amounted to 1,82 million tons in 2021. It is 60 percent higher than in the same period in 2020.
The volume of bulk cargo transhipment increased by 66 percent up to 965,8 thousand tons. In particular, transhipment of coal and coke increased up to 454,6 thousand tons, which is about 2.6 times growth and transhipment of mineral fertilizers increased by 17 percent up to 422,6 thousand tons. Other bulk cargoes showed 2.6 times growth - up to 88,6 thousand tons.
Comparing to the level of January-December 2020, the general cargo transshipment volume increased by 18 percent and amounted to 94,1 thousand tons, while processing of bulk (chemical) cargo increased by 73 percent up to 16,9 thousand tons.
Such growth of cargo throughput in January-December 2021 is a result of the global trend - increasing demand for coal and coke. In 2021, Port Logistics Ltd (Seaport of Vyborg) signed contracts with coal and coke exporters, operating in European countries such as Sweden and Poland, and other countries of the Baltic region. Moreover, thanks to the cooperation of Port Logistics Ltd and Terminal Ltd (the company, whose technological complex is connected with the seaport of Vyborg), work on transshipment of liquid non-dangerous bulk at berth No. 13 has resumed in its full amount.
Port Logistics Ltd is a stevedoring company and a sole operator in the Seaport of Vyborg. The company provides transshipment of various general cargo, dry and liquid bulk (mineral fertilizers, pellets, coal, ore, timber, scrap metal, aluminium hydroxide), chemical liquid bulk.