Nor-Shipping has partnered with business accelerator Katapult Ocean to launch the first Blue Economy Start-up Day on 7 April at Nor-Shipping 2022.
The initiative will bring together start-ups focused on solving climate and business challenges with a range of investors eager to fund the transition to a sustainable ocean economy. The event, which is open to all, takes place in Nor-Shipping’s dedicated Blue Economy Exhibition Hall in Lillestrøm from 10.00 to 15.00.
Pitching innovation
Katapult Ocean has gathered a range of venture capitalists, angel investors, debt providers, corporate backers and established industry names to create an arena where ambition and funding can come together to unlock potential. In an innovative take on investment proceedings, the event focuses on “reverse pitching”, whereby institutions and investors pitch their businesses to start-ups, rather than vice versa. These pitches will be followed by “open table” conversations, where ideas and partnerships can be discussed in detail.
“There’s opportunity in challenge,” states Ingrid Maurstad, Commercial Manager, Katapult Ocean, “and the potential for bold new businesses to deliver solutions to drive sustainable ocean activity is huge. However, they need to access the right networks and expertise, and that can be problematic.
“On the other side of the coin we have investors actively looking to make good investments in firms that impact positively on our oceans and environment. The Blue Economy Start-up Day is about bridging that gap; bringing these two sides together to enable progress. Nor-Shipping, which is such a hub for the international maritime and ocean industry communities, is the perfect platform to make this happen. And, after the disruption of the pandemic, which has made it difficult to make new connections, I think the energy and enthusiasm here is going to be amazing.
“This is a unique arena for new names and established players alike. I look forward to seeing you there.”
Funding the future
Investors confirmed so far include, amongst others, Nysnø, Saga Pure, Norselab, ArcTern Ventures, Hafslund Eco, Startup Norway, The Factory, Startuplab, DNV Ventures, Gründergarasjen, Fire A, and, of course, Katapult Ocean. As well as the open tables, a “community lunch” will provide opportunities for further networking and business discussion. The day ends with DNV and Fearnleys announcing the results of their Nor-Shipping Hackathon activity.
“This is an excellent initiative that we’re not only proud to support, but one we also believe is absolutely necessary to help supercharge the change we need in the ocean space,” comments Sidsel Norvik, Director, Nor-Shipping. “There are brilliant concepts, solutions and talent out there that cannot realise their full potential without support from established players. At Nor-Shipping we bring the world of ocean business together, so we can help make it happen. With Katapult Ocean, and its huge network, onboard there’s no better place for taking the next step towards success.”
Something for everyone
Nor-Shipping 2022, Your Arena for Ocean Solutions, takes place 4-7 April in Oslo and Lillestrøm. Alongside the main, 22,000 sq. m exhibition halls in Lillestrøm, key events include The Ocean Leadership Conference, The Blue Talks, The Quality Flag Forum, Brazil@Nor-Shipping, The International Ship Autonomy and Sustainability Summit, the Young@Nor-Shipping programme, The Maritime Hydrogen Conference, and much more.
Visitors are encouraged to download the Nor-Shipping app and order tickets before arrival. Public transport in Oslo City Centre and between Oslo and Lillestrøm on train is included within the price of the visitor, conference or exhibition pass.
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