Opturion, a global leader in advanced optimisation and decision-making software, announces its launch into the UK market, marking a significant step in the company's international expansion. Leslie De Koninck, Opturion's Chief Technology Officer, will be based in the UK, overseeing the company's strategic initiatives in the region.

Although this marks the launch of Opturion in the UK, the company can claim UK roots. The founder of Opturion, Professor Mark Wallace, a leader in discrete optimisation in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University, moved there from Imperial College in 2004. He then worked on an optimisation software platform called G12 and founded Opturion to commercialise it.

Opturion, renowned for its ability to help solve complex optimisation problems across diverse industries, including transport, energy and logistics, brings cutting-edge algorithms and AI machine learning techniques to empower businesses. By optimising operations, streamlining processes, and enhancing efficiency, Opturion enables organisations to meet customer service guarantees and achieve new levels of productivity and competitiveness. It is particularly used by corporates needing answers to big strategic direction decisions as well as operational input with very precise, time-sensitive data to inform decision-making. Examples of Opturion's client work include:

  • Providing a new level of real-time optimisation, resulting in a 30% improvement in on-time delivery for a large independently owned courier and express freight company with a fleet of over 1000 vehicles
  • Tactical transport planning and scheduling for several retail delivery organisations has resulted in about 20% fewer vehicles used and a 10% reduction in cost.
  • For a multi-national packaging and package equipment manufacturer, Opturion has provided optimisation software for reducing setup times in parts of the production process and maximising its labour force utilisation. They modelled the entire process from raw materials to order arrival at the customer to deliver end-to-end supply chain optimisation.
  • For non-emergency patient transport, where only about 50% of transport tasks are known at the beginning of the day, Opturion delivered results that included productivity increased by about 9%; Late arrivals (for all jobs) reduced by about 8%; Late arrivals (for jobs booked on the day) reduced by about 25%
  • Implementation of a fatigue risk management system for a rail construction project, which resulted in a complete overhaul of the shift system with the project being delivered two weeks ahead of schedule
  • Roster optimisation for train rolling stock with a particular emphasis on night shifts and advice on better options for older workers. Roster options reduced fatigue risk and cost and optimised staffing levels at peak times
Leslie De Koninck, Chief Technology Officer, who has been with Opturion since 2012 and was previously based in Australia, commented, "The UK market presents an exciting opportunity for Opturion due to its dynamic business landscape and growing demand for advanced optimisation solutions. Our presence here signifies our commitment to supporting UK businesses' journey towards operational excellence and brilliant customer service."

Commenting on the UK move, Alan Dormer, Managing Director of Opturion, says, "Having discussed the potential with many of our clients in various industries, we know that the UK market is at a pivotal moment with businesses increasingly investing in technologies that drive efficiency. However, like many markets, the UK still relies on Excel spreadsheets for planning and scheduling. But the growing focus on compliance is becoming a big driver for UK adoption of our services and the need to focus on the right data rather than data overload, a common problem we have identified."

Opturion's clients are worldwide (including from Australia, South America to the US and now Europe), and a recent high-profile example in the field of new energy and strategic decision-making is work with Woodside Energy to provide simulation and optimisation solutions that support the company's strategic development of future hydrogen and ammonia facilities. By simulating the full lifecycle of a facility, the software application can inform key decisions on the location and selection of potential projects, including concept development, investment decisions and power sourcing. Alan Dormer explains, "Our collaboration with Woodside aligns with our sustainability efforts, including our focus on achieving Net Zero emissions. Opturion's expertise will be crucial in supporting Woodside's strategic initiatives."