Above: TAKRAF portal scraper reclaimer, multi-commodity, 1,100tph, Japan.
At the end of 2021, TAKRAF completed the hot commissioning of four portal reclaimers in Japan. The reclaimers form an integral part of the materials handling feeding system for a new multi-commodity power plant.
This advanced new plant will be fired by a combination of thermal coal and woodchips/biomass with TAKRAF scraper reclaimers located within the multi-commodity warehouse, which is divided into two sites (North and South). The reclaiming system is able to convey material from one warehouse to the other, which means that with this flexibility, the system can be used to restore or, if required, mix material. Due to the redundancy required — two reclaimers are required to work on the same rail in the same warehouse — a dedicated safety and anti-collision system was implemented and extensively tested.
Each reclaimer is designed to scrape up to 1,100tph (tonnes per hour). With a rail gauge of 52m and a double-boom system (main and auxiliary boom in line), TAKRAF’s reclaimers are state-of-the-art machines and some of the largest built.
An interesting feature of each reclaimer is that each machine has a dedicated platform to carry a small bulldozer, which it can drop off at any location along the stockpile for cleaning purposes.
During the complex commissioning process, the TAKRAF team had to overcome multiple challenges and obstacles including travel and entry conditions into Japan as a result of the pandemic.
Wolfgang Schilling, Senior Project Manager – TAKRAF Germany, had this to say from site upon successful commissioning, “During commissioning, the close co-operation between all parties involved was essential to ensure success. These commissioning circumstances and conditions were indeed extraordinary and very challenging. The efficiency and teamwork shown by all stakeholders under these arduous conditions was something to behold and I would like to personally thank the entire project team, particularly the site team, for their continuous contribution, patience and support. Successful commissioning of this project only serves to entrench TAKRAF scraper reclaimer solutions as the best in the business!”
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