In Brazil, Porto Sudeste has set a new record for the amount of coal unloaded in a single day. This amounted to 7,502 tonnes and not only helped improve the turnaround time of the docked vessel, but also boosted productivity and lowered carbon emissions.
The terminal at Itaguaí, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, handled 130,000 tonnes in total during the first quarter of 2024. It has two coal stockpile areas and two vessel berths.
The port has also handled a Wozmax vessel with a cargo of 246,000 tonnes of iron ore, the largest cargo ever to be received at the port. The Houheng 6 is the second of its kind to dock at the specialist facility on Madeira Island. The first called in February this year, departing with a shipment of 225,000 tonnes of iron ore.