Monthly cargo turnover of Sea Commercial Port “Yuzhny” reaches the mark of 2 million 100 thousand tonnes in May 2020.
Sea Commercial Port “Yuzhny” has increased its cargo turnover to 2 million 100 thousand tonnes per month. This is a new historical maximum in the port history since 1978. In May 2020, the cargo turnover of the public stevedoring company is 80% higher compared to the same month last year and 86% higher than planned.
Implementing a policy of cargo diversification, the port is steadily holding a leading position in the maritime industry. Export cargoes made up 75% of the total cargo turnover. Iron ore was the main cargo (1 million 498 thousand tonnes). The handling of the two millionth tonne took place on May 31 while loading iron ore onto Capesize KSL Santiago.
Import included coal (169,2 thousand tonnes) and bentonite clay (125 thousand tonnes). During the month, 162 thousand tonnes of transit and 60,9 thousand tonnes of cabotage passed through Sea Commercial Port “Yuzhny”.
In May 2020, 27,977 rail cars were handled. This figure is 53% higher than last year. 959 rail cars were discharged on May 31, 2020. Port workers have updated the previous maximum figure – 890 units. In total, taking into account loading, 1,056 rail cars with iron ore and coal were handled per day.
The number of handled bulk carriers is constantly growing. In May 2020, the state stevedoring company Yuzhny welcomed 16 Capesize vessels. This is two times more than in the same period last year.
“Sea Commercial Port “Yuzhny” is operating at full capacity. Port workers professionally and carefully carry out the main and urgent tasks. Today, we are sustainably developing the cargo handling technologies, and we are witnessing a steady growth trend in productivity. Port facilities are gradually being updated and the company infrastructure is being modernized”, said Oleksandr Oliinyk, acting director of Sea Commercial Port “Yuzhny”.
“Sea Commercial Port “Yuzhny” is located on the north-west coast of the Black Sea in the nonfreezing Adzhalyksky estuary and it is the deepest port in Ukraine. The company provides a wide range of loading & discharging services, storage and related works; it handles bulk, general and break-bulk cargoes. Scheduled cargo delivery and cargo handling are effectively performed due to the convenient location of the railroad station “Beregova”, developed infrastructure of the road and rail ways. The company operates five deep-water berths, two of which are dedicated to handling of Capesize vessel up to permissible DWT. Annual cargo turnover of the company is 15 153 000 tonnes.