Nine-month throughput of Taganrog Sea Commercial Port JSC totaled 925,000 tonnes
In January – September, 2018, Taganrog Sea Commercial Port JSC (TagSCP, part of UCL Holding) handled 925,000 tonnes of cargo, down 17%, year-on-year.
The decline in the nine-month period should be attributed to business decline in foreign trade markets dealing with the port’s key types of cargo, coal and metal, and to seasonal shift of oil cargo to river ports.
Handling of general cargo fell by 35% to 116,000 tonnes. Transshipment of ferrous metal has dropped by 42% to 59,000 tonnes. Handling of cargo in big-bags decreased by 26% to 57,000 tonnes.
Transshipment of dry bulk and loose cargo fell 10% to 756,000 tonnes.
Handling of grain grew to 270,000 tonnes (+16%), ore – to 60,500 tonnes (+35%). Coal transshipment dropped by 26% to 414,500 tonnes.
The decline trend was also seen in liquid bulk segment. Volumes of this type of cargo plummeted by 42% on the same period a year earlier to 49,500 tonnes.
Container throughput of TagSCP totaled 1,400 TEUs (3,100 tonnes), down 27%, year-on-year.
In January-September 2018, TagSCP handled 750,000 tonnes of export cargo and 75,000 tonnes of import cargo. Coastal trade cargo handling totaled 100,000 tonnes. Exports and imports accounted for 81% and 8% of the company’s total throughput with domestic shipments making 11%. In the reporting period, Taganrog Sea Commercial Port handled 10,346 railcars and 231 vessels.
About the Company
Taganrog Sea Commercial Port JSC (TagSCP, member of UCL Port, a stevedoring division of the international transportation group UCL Holding) is a key stevedoring company operating at the port of Taganrog. The company operates at the port’s Berths No 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8. In 2017, TSCP handled 1.59 million tonnes of cargo.