Recently the company has launched its new non-self-propelled NBL-91 project vessel.
The vessel's launching became possible due to the construction of the second series of non-self-propelled NBL-91 project vessels, which provides the building of two vessels.
The shipyard built the first series of vessels during 2015-2016. As a result, four non-self-propelled vessels joined NIBULON’s fleet. This event has become historical, as these vessels are capable of operating in shallow water. Thus, NIBULON has started to build its fleet used for various operations, aiming to revive navigation along the Dnipro River.
The main dimensions of the vessel are as follows: length – 90 m, breadth – 16 m, depth – 4.2 m, draught – 2.7 m, deadweight – 3,000 tons, the total cargo hold capacity – 5,050 cubic meters. The vessel is used to transport general and bulk cargoes the whole year round and even in ice conditions.
In addition, the non-self-propelled NBL-91 project vessels are adapted to operational conditions on the main water artery in the southern part of the country. They successfully operate on the Dnipro River, i.e. these vessels are multipurpose to operate on the Ukrainian inland waterways. The dimensions allow the vessels to transport large quantity of cargoes. The barge and tug combination, operating together with the two non-self-propelled NBL-91 project vessels, transports 6,000 tons of grain per trip, which represents the same amount that could be transported by 250 trucks each time.
Having launched the vessel, the shipbuilders started outfitting works. Once the outfitting works and mooring trials are successfully completed, the vessel will be delivered to the shipping company, thereby improving NIBULON’s fleet efficiency.
We would remind you that NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard launched the 121M project tug last week. It is being outfitted now. At the same time the shipbuilders finish to assemble the hull’s structure of the second non-self-propelled NBL-91 project vessel (the last one from the series in the current production program).