During the second quarter of the current marketing year, the company has shipped almost 1.6 million tons of agricultural commodities for export. This is the best result since it commenced operations, despite poor harvest and the reduction of gross harvest by a third in the southern regions and from 18% to 25% across Ukraine.
In November 2020, the company shipped 623 thousand tons of grain, demonstrating the most successful result in grain shipment, according to the month-end results in the second quarter. November 2020 enters the top 3 most efficient months for commodity exports since the company commenced operations.
Corn, with a 40,8% share (648 thousand tons), dominates in exports, and wheat, with a 26% share (413 thousand tons), takes second place. The shares of barley and rapeseed are almost the same – about 16% of each crop.
By the way, the agricultural commodity producers comprised 40% of the company’s agricultural commodity suppliers ten years ago, and in 2020 this figure was increased to 85%. These agricultural commodity producers (85%) have become the participants in the grain export operations. It became possible due to the construction of NIBULON’s transshipment terminals and elevator complexes closer to farmers.
The company has another achievement to be proud of in the 2020/21 marketing year. NIBULON has transshipped 72,5% (1.9 million tons) of the total grain exported by the company in the outer roads of Mykolaiv Sea Port in the first six months, which is a record result as opposed to the same periods during previous years. In 2013/14 MY, the share of shipments in the outer roads comprised about 6,6 %, in 2018/19 MY – 46,7%, and in 2019/20 MY – 62,6 %.
During the 2020 navigation season, the company’s fleet transported 4.14 million tons of cargoes. This is the best result in the history of NIBULON’s water transportation.
Every year NIBULON increases cargo transportation by river and continues to develop Ukrainian navigation. The most modern fleet operation not only improves inland logistics, contributes to the preservation of environment and Ukrainian highways, but also increases competitiveness of the Ukrainian agricultural commodities on the global market.