CN  is pleased to announce the launch of its new inland distribution terminal in New Richmond, WI. The new multipurpose facility will include an automotive compound for finished vehicles, and an intermodal terminal to serve intermodal shippers and receivers in the metropolitan area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN.
Opening March 1st 2021, the New Richmond, WI, terminal will provide direct CN Intermodal service to the Twin Cities market. This new service will enable customers to better serve the large consumer market of Minneapolis and Saint Paul and provides them with an alternative shipping option to this growing marketplace. The New Richmond terminal will link shippers to CN’s far-reaching three-coast network and serve a range of import and export industries including automotive and finished consumer goods, grain, soybean, as well as forest products.
“CN’s development of the New Richmond facility will provide vital access to containers for agricultural exporters to meet customer demand in Europe and Asia. Competitive container shipping is vital for American agriculture to serve the growing global consumer market for high value, specialized grain, soy, and food ingredients. Intermodal rail service also offers the additional environmental and transportation cost reduction benefit of helping reduce long distance highway truck traffic that now is extensively hauling inbound international container freight from Chicago to the Twin Cities. We are hopeful this new facility will further solidify the Twin Cities & western Wisconsin as a major regional transportation logistics hub.”
- Bruce Abbe, Strategic Advisor for Trade & Transportation, Specialty Soya & Grains Alliance
“CN’s new intermodal terminal in New Richmond will be a very important asset for our state’s exporters, particularly farmers, hardwoods producers, and manufacturers based in northern and western Wisconsin. Our Freight Advisory Committee identified intermodal transportation as their top priority and I want to thank everyone who worked together toward this goal.”
- Craig Thompson, Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary-designee
“We are proud to open a new store front to serve Minneapolis and Saint Paul to support our customers by offering more capacity and further reach. The New Richmond terminal is strategically located at the center of the CN network, allowing direct access to our reliable, three coast rail network for importing vehicles and consumer products from around the globe. Customers now have another direct link to their mid-west markets as well as a new and efficient option for shipping export commodities to global markets.”
- Keith Reardon, Senior Vice-President, Consumer Product Supply Chain at CN
“Western Wisconsin welcomes this significant local investment that provides a global reach for our members and communities. Our critical location, tied into major consumer markets via key infrastructure like CN’s rail network, is essential to growing our economy and leading us into a post-COVID recovery.”
- Steve Jahn, Executive Director, Momentum West
CN’s Presence in Wisconsin:
Capital investments: approximately $970 million in the last five years; $100 million in 2020
Employees: approximately 1,413
Railroad route miles operated: 1,428
Community partnerships: $165,000 in 2019
Local spending: $240 million in 2019
Cash taxes paid: $21 million in 2019
About CN
CN is a world-class transportation leader and trade-enabler. Essential to the economy, to the customers, and to the communities it serves, CN safely transports more than 300 million tons of natural resources, manufactured products, and finished goods throughout North America every year. As the only railroad connecting Canada’s Eastern and Western coasts with the Southern tip of the U.S. through a 19,500-mile rail network, CN and its affiliates have been contributing to community prosperity and sustainable trade since 1919. CN is committed to programs supporting social responsibility and environmental stewardship.