Global coal demand in the next five years is set to be stable, with declines in the United States and Europe offset by growth in India and other Asian countries, a report showed.
In terms of the total energy mix, coal’s contribution will decline from 27 percent to 25 percent, mainly due to growth of renewables and natural gas, according to a report released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) at a press conference in Beijing.
China will see a gradual decline in demand of less than 1 percent annually on average, according to the IEA report.
So far, 70 percent of China’s coal power generators have realized ultra-low emissions, said Liu Baohua, deputy head of National Energy Administration, at the press conference.
China has established the world’s largest clean coal power supply system, according to Liu.
The press conference was co-sponsored by the IEA and China Energy Group, and was organized by China Shenhua Energy Company Limited.
Source: Xinhua