Euroports invest heavily in dry bulk terminal TA168 Investing in its terminals and guaranteeing its clients maximum capacity are one of Euroports’ top priorities. Due to this fact, it has invested heavily in the TA168 dry bulk terminal at the third dock in Antwerp, with additional boxes, a new Gottwald crane, conveyor belts, a new bulk warehouse, and many more to come, the company announced on the 11th of September 2020,
The storage capacity of Euroports’ terminal has been increased by 105,000 tonnes. The warehouse on TA168 has been expanded with seven new boxes, each capable of storing between 12,000 and 20,000 tonnes of bulk goods such as fertilizers and minerals. In addition, a new Gottwald crane, type 7 hav been commissioned. The newest and largest type in its class, the mastodon can lift 100 tonnes, has a grab of 24m3, and reaches up to 54 metres. This allows a direct transfer between Panamax vessels and barges with an unloading capacity of more than 5,000 tonnes per shift. Crossdocking enables Euroports to work efficiently and reduce logistics costs for the customer.
In July 2019, Euroports already opened a new bulk warehouse (+100kT capacity) and reached the maximum capacity there. Besides that, the company has ordered conveyor belts, which are telescopic. These have a range of up to 36 metres far and 15 metres high. They can process more than 1,000 tonnes per hour.