Australian company Container Rotation Systems (CRS) has unveiled a new product for 2021 — the Container Support System (CSS).
The new CSS answers post-Covid-19 container shortages and constant price increases. It is a container side wall support system that will allow its clients to use any type of container for rotation.
This latest technology is a passive system — it is simple with no moving parts. This new technology removes the side wall loads during rotation by transferring energy back into the main body of the CRS Rotainer.
The CSS is available on all the Rotainer® Eurospec range from 1,450mm to 2,900mm high containers.
CRS is renowned for its container-emptying system, which offers an efficient solution to the problem of unloading bulk from containers. This is a concept that is gaining  in popularity worldwide, and is in use internationally handling cargoes of vastly different properties, from alumina to coal.