In 2019, Vostochny Port JSC, operator of Russia’s largest dedicated terminal offering technologically advanced transshipment of coal (run by Port Management Company, PMC LLC) handled 25.51 million tonnes of coal (+5.2%, or 1.25 million tonnes, year-on-year), says press center of the stevedoring company.
According to the statement, the growth was driven by the launching of Phase 3 of Vostochny Port’s specialized coal terminal increasing the terminal’s total capacity to 50-55 million tonnes per year.
In 2019, Vostochny Port handled 552 dry bulk cargo carriers of different capacity including 23 Capesize ships and 333 ships of Panamax and Post-Panamax type, 1.4 times more than in 2018. The largest ship handled by the company was Aquamarine (DWT: 182,100 tonnes, LOA: 292 meters, Beam overall: 45 meters) involved in exports of Russian coal to China. The shipload was as large as 152,000 tonnes of premium quality coal.
In the reporting period, unloading of open-top railcars exceeded 349,000 units, up 7.5% versus the result of 2018 (325,000 units). The positive dynamics in handling of railcars should be attributed to the launching of the new empty railcars departure facility under the Phase 3 project. Yard B of general use at Nakhodka-Vostochnaya station was built at the cost of Vostochny Port and handed over to Russian Railways for servicing all companies in the Bay of Vrangel.
In the reporting period, the company exported coal to S. Korea (31%), Japan (29.2%), Taiwan (17.5%), China (5.4%). Among the new promising destinations is the Republic of India interested in Russia’s coking coal.
The country’s share in Vostochny Port’s exports increased from 6.5% in 2018 to 10.3% in 2019. Vostochny Port is among the most competitive coal terminals in the Far East with its advantageous geographic location and equipment, hi-tech transshipment of coal and loading of large-capacity ships, as well as the highest level of industrial ecology among coal ports of Russia.
Vostochny Port JSC (Vrangel settlement, Primorsky Region) is Russia’s largest specialized terminal with high-tech coal transshipment.
Vostochny Port is a free access facility open for all coal manufacturers of Russia. In 2019, it handled 25.51 million tonnes of cargo.
The terminal features covered stations for unloading and transfer of coal, conveyor equipment, rotary car dumpers, shiploaders and the second-to-none system of multi-stage magnetic coal separation.
Vostochny Port is the first coal port in the Far East that obtained a certificate of compliance with ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental Management System: Requirements and Application Guide.” The certificate confirms the company’s compliance with both Russian and international requirements on environmental risk management.
Phase 3 of Vostochny Port’s coal terminal put into operation in early September 2019 is the most ambitious private investment project costing over RUB 40 billion and implemented through public private partnership without involving state financing. Phase 3 lets the terminal increase its annual throughput to 50-55 million tonnes. The Phase 3 project has generated more than 600 new high skill jobs. By 2026, the project will ensure a total of RUB 25 billion of tax payments that will give a powerful impetus to the social and economic development of the Primorsky Territory.