Konecranes is heavily involved in the supply of reachstackers to load/unload containers into and from barges. More bulk product than ever is being moved by container, and Konecranes’ reachstackers can also be used to handle wood, paper and pulp products, metal goods (such as billets), coils and large tyres.
Konecranes was the first to build the world’s largest barge handler as far back as the 1990s. In just the last three years, the company has delivered a dozen barge handlers around the world.
Konecranes’ most recent delivery is to the United States, for reach stackers that are able to stack a four-row container stack on the quay, with 45t capacity in the first row, and 34t capacity in the fourth row, and capable of negative lift when handling barges.
The Covid-19 crisis has hit Konecranes’ industrial customers harder, and the company’s experience is that food and medical supply have been holding up much of the logistics and port operations. It has also seen that the pulp & paper segment, and also lately the sawmills have been holding up pretty well. The company is, however, already seeing increased activity, and hopes that recovery will come in the autumn.