The key logistics asset of the Eastern Mining Co., which is one of the top 10 ports in Russia in terms of dry cargo transhipment, has updated the monthly shipment record. According to the results of June, the enterprise shipped 2.15 million t of coal to ships, which is 16% higher than the previous record.
“All our achievements are the merit not only of the digitalisation of production and the modernisation of the fleet, but above all of the team that always strives for more,” commented Aleksey Tkachenko, Executive Director of the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtyorsk.
The growth in shipment volumes was the result of the systematic work of previous years to increase the productivity of the port and expand the fleet. The network of belt conveyors was lengthened, two shiploaders were installed on the pier. Last year, Rocktree VGK Stevedor purchased two new self-propelled barges, each with 7500 DWT. After commissioning two ships and optimising production, the port's throughput increased by 19.5%.
The nearest plans are to mine and ship 11 million t of coal in 2022, as well as increase the volume of daily shipments to 100 000 t.