The UK P&I Club (“The Club”) hosted a book launch of ‘Carefully to Carry: Consolidated Edition 2023’ at the Yacht Club of Greece on 27 April celebrating the availability of the new guidance
First launched in 2018, UK Club’s ‘Carefully to Carry’ provides the definitive guide to safe carriage, loading and storage of cargo. The highly successful 2023 edition has now been updated to reflect recent regulatory changes and best practices in the industry.
‘Carefully to Carry’ covers an exhaustive range of cargo types, including timber, gases, grain, metals, bulk goods, refrigerated goods, liquid bulk cargoes, and packaged cargoes. By utilising this guide, industry professionals can reduce the likelihood of costly cargo damage and preventable incidents.
This edition has been amended to include new content throughout the book, with key updates such as:
  • A reorganised Part 2, including a new Chapter 11 on fertilizers and issues related to ammonium nitrate cargoes.
  • New subsections on petroleum coke cargoes (7.2), nickel ore cargoes which may liquefy (8.4), and bauxite cargoes which may liquefy (8.5).
  • New chapters on hold preparation and cleaning (Chapter 17), soya bean cargoes (Chapter 5), and seed cake cargoes (Chapter 50).
These amendments ensure that the guidance aligns with recent changes to the IMSBC Code and addresses the associated changes with bulk cargo transportation, particularly cargoes with a risk of liquefaction.
The Club celebrated the book launch with an in-person event held on Thursday 27 April at the Yacht Club of Greece. Sean Geraghty, Regional Director of Greece for the Club, Stuart Edmonston, Loss Prevention Director for the Club, and Dimitris Fafalios, Chairman of INTERCARGO discussed the latest updates with a diverse audience that included members of the Club, local brokers, classification societies, flag registries and members of the media.
Stuart Edmonston, Loss Prevention Director for the Club said: “We were thrilled to meet with industry experts and guests to discuss the relaunch of 2023’s ‘Carefully to Carry’ in Greece. The latest book reflects the Club’s commitment to providing the most up-to-date advice and guidance to our members. The success of previous editions underscores the importance of this comprehensive guide in ensuring safe and efficient cargo transportation. We’re confident that the latest release will continue to be an invaluable resource for the industry.”
Dimitrios Fafalios, INTERCARGO Chairman, commented: “Our Association is committed to safety and quality in ship operations with a focus on operational efficiency and the protection of the marine environment. The issue as to whether a cargo is safe or unsafe is crucial to the lives of those at sea and the protection of their vessels. This edition represents more than 60 years’ worth of experience from several generations of international cargo experts together with claims and loss prevention specialists at one of the world’s leading P&I clubs. We welcome this revised edition which is a true-one-stop shop for anyone involved in moving cargoes at sea and an initiative we are proud to support.”