Founded in 1966, TMSA has consolidated in recent years to become one of the major equipment suppliers for port terminals and for the high-capacity handling of bulk solids over long distances.
Given the expertise of its specialized team, the company has developed a range of different solutions to provide quality equipment and to provide high-quality solutions in different markets.
Among its many coal handling projects, TMSA has designed and implemented the newest and most innovative mineral coal transport handling system in Brazil at the Pampa Sul Thermoelectric Power Plant, in the city of Candiota/RS.
It is considered to be one of the largest tubular belt conveyors in Brazil, extending to a length of 4.17km in a single bid, with transport capacity of 550tph (tonnes per hour) of mineral coal.
This large greenfield project, carried out as a turnkey contract, included basic and detailed projects, civil and infrastructure works, manufacturing, implementation, testing and commissioning, as well as assisted operation. TMSA also took charge of all environmental management, and the company implemented the environmental recovery plans necessary for the operational licensing of the system by IBAMA.
A striking feature of the project is its drive system through state-of-the-art medium voltage inverters with automated load sharing load distribution control.
In addition, the project has a lighting system that uses autonomous LED lamps powered by built-in photovoltaic solar panels. This ensures a non-polluting, silent energy, from a renewable source, which is easy to install, and has minimal maintenance needs. It also has a modern monitoring system that uses high-definition cameras. These are linked to implanted telemetry, and allow operators to verify the behaviour of the equipment in real time in the control centre.
The mining market is increasingly competitive, where the pressure to reduce costs and increase productivity is ever-increasing. TMSA’s team has the expertise to seek and create innovative solutions that offer a better economical choice to the customer.
Having reached its fifty-fourth anniversary, TMSA has gained the experience and strategic will necessary to focus its efforts on increasing the profitability of its customers. This is because, in addition to green field projects, it now offers solutions for the support and modernization of its customers’ existing industrial facilities (the so-called ‘brown field’), through the allocation of its highly specialized engineering team.