The fifth NEUERO KIKO DSH Shiploader is on the way to France.

A new shiploader with a capacity of 1.200 t/h will arrive on 08/10/2020 at the company Soufflet in Rouen, France. After four previous successful installations in the region, the NEUERO KIKO DSH has convinced port operators with efficient operation and high dust suppression due to mass flow control.

The shiploader was assembled entirely and transported using a heavy lift ship. The site on the jetty has a lack of space to allow conventional assembly on site. The most significant advantage of this transport way is the short downtime of the terminal.

However, such transport is not easy and requires a lot of planning and preparation. Therefore Neuero and Soufflet already defined the shipment at the beginning of the project. The lifting points need to be integrated into the machine design, and additionally, some lashing points.

What is the difference that makes the KIKO DSH operate efficiently and with the highest environmental standard available today?

The answer is a combination of mass flow and pendulum movements. The mass flow allows loading the cargo at low speeds, reducing the dust emission. Neuero Shiploader does not eliminate the dust but reduces it significantly, avoiding the segregation of the product and through the low material discharge speed. Old systems throw the product at boom height and try to stop it at arrival, especially during the hatch trimming work where it is needed to fill all gaps that the difference is visible.

The pendulum movement that we call kick in kick out = KIKO allows the loading head to move simultaneously with the vertical telescope and enclosed system. Additionally, the slewing movement allows for reaching all areas of the hold, including the corners.

Initial costs are important but crucial be sure your investment is future oriented.

Departure Bremen                                                            Arrival at Soufflet - Rouen