AGI is a major provider of equipment solutions for agriculture bulk commodities including seed, fertilizer, grain, feed and food processing systems. It partners with its customers across six continents to deliver the AGI advantage by engineering unique, market-specific solutions. AGI offers full-system solutions through its catalogues of seven components that include: storage, handling, processing, technology, structures, engineering and project management.
AGI has been manufacturing conveying solutions for farm and commercial applications for decades, and through its extensive handling catalogue, it is able to work with its customers to create a solution specific for their conveying needs. There are many contributing factors to finding the right solution for a customer, both the bulk product properties and the conveyor properties need to be considered to find the right conveyor for the project. AGI works with its customers to find a solution specific for their conveying needs. With an extensive catalogue of conveyors ranging from enclosed belt conveyors, open belts, air supported belts, en-mass chain conveyors, bulk flow chain conveyors and screw conveyors — AGI is able to supply the appropriate solution for the bulk commodity.
AGI’s Hi Roller Enclosed Belt Conveyors are optimal for dry bulk products, like grains, pulses and feeds that have low moisture levels or products that require gentle handling. The enclosed belt conveyors deliver a high capacity with less power, saving customers on their annual operating costs. AGI has installed Hi Roller enclosed belt conveyors in port terminals around the world, including a terminal by the Black Sea in Russia with 800 tonne per hour capacity — along with AGI Union Iron and AGI Tramco’s, bucket elevators, and chain conveyors.
What sets AGI apart from the competition is its commitment to partnering with its customers, from the initial design, through manufacturing and installation. The company’s teams of engineers and project managers work to build the solution that is right for the application and right for the customer. With manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States, Brazil and Italy, these facilities and teams work together to deliver the right combination of conveyors, storage, controls and any other relevant equipment required for the project.
Many customers deal with various companies who all offer a different component needed for the project, whereas AGI works to provide the full-system, reducing the number of suppliers needed.
COMVEX, the largest bulk raw material handling terminal in the Black Sea, partnered with AGI on its grain terminal at the Port of Constanta in Romania. This site consists of silos from AGI FRAME, bucket elevators from AGI Union Iron, bucket elevators and chain conveyors from AGI PTM, chain conveyors from AGI Tramco and enclosed belt conveyors from AGI Hi Roller.
From multi-million dollar port terminals, to smaller co-op inland terminals, AGI works with its customers to deliver market-specific solutions through their range of conveyors and complementary range of products and services.