Saudi Grains Organization (SAGO) has announced a tender to import 540 000 t of feed barley to be supplied during the period of April - May 2021, in order to increase the stocks as procedures are being completed to assign the task of importing and selling of barley to the private sector.
His Excellency the Governor of SAGO, stated that the amount specified in the tender is distributed to nine shipments; six shipments to be delivered to the Kingdom’s ports on the Red Sea with an amount of 360 000 t, and three shipments to the Kingdom’s ports on the Arabian Gulf with an amount of 180 000 t. H.E. pointed out that this tender comes within the framework of increasing the local stocks while the private sector completes its preparations to assume the mission of importing and selling of barley, noting that the organisation continues to complete the qualification of companies through the ‘Import’ platform.
The Council of Ministers had previously approved the assignment of the importing and selling of barley to the private sector, which comes in line with the State’s direction towards increasing the private sector’s contribution to the Saudi economy and opening new areas for it to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.