Akçansa Çimento had been operating a KOVAKO® Ship Unloader day in, day out for 27 years. When it came time to retire the well-used machine, they returned to us for a replacement – and opted for the latest state-of-the-art KOVAKO® Road Mobile Ship Unloader.
The facility in Turkey required a highly efficient ship unloader capable of unloading at high capacities with minimal dust. The KOVAKO® K0-1 Road Mobile Ship Unloader is designed to fit perfectly with 5000 dwt ships and unloads at rates up to 175 tph. Thanks to the optimized vacuum nozzle unloading technology and fully enclosed 20 m long pneumatic unloading arm, dust is kept to an absolute minimum while cement is transported from the ships to the silos 113 m away.
The robust design, backed by intensive testing, FEA and kinematic studies, ensures that Akçansa Çimento will get at least another 27 years out of the new pneumatic unloading arm.