Situated at the core of Denmark, Port of Grenaa stands as a central gateway to the Kattegat, serving as a pivotal hub for the Northern Europe’s industrial and commercial sectors. With its deep-water capabilities, it catalyzes economic growth by facilitating efficient transport and handling of diverse cargos for partners across industries.
To enhance its bulk operation capabilities, Port of Grenaa has procured state-of-the-art equipment such as the Mantsinen 300DEMG crane designed explicitly for bulk operations. This strategic investment underlines the port’s dedication to optimizing its bulk handling capacity while boosting efficiency in handling diverse raw materials like sand, gravel, stone, salt and gypsum — essential resources for construction projects within regions.
In line with future market demands, plans are under way to expand Port of Grenaa’s bulk handling capacity by constructing additional halls dedicated to various production activities between now and 2024/25. Furthermore, efforts are being made to enhance its existing methanol facility — a testament to the port’s responsiveness towards evolving trends in industry practices. In this endeavour, Port of Grenaa has entered into strategic collaborations with industry players like Stena Recycling through joint investments targeting improvements in handling equipment facilities areas further demonstrating its commitment to innovation and sustainability across all operations.
As one of Denmark’s major industrial and commercial ports, Port of Grenaa efficiently handles cargo from land to water for the benefit of businesses and society.
The port has many years of experience in flexible and efficient handling of bulk cargo, which is why it can always find the best solution for its customers’ projects. Its fleet has several different types of cranes, which means that it always uses the best solution for the individual task and can therefore efficiently unload and load the goods. Bulk cargo can be stored safely in the port's open areas or under cover in warehouses, depending on need. Whether the cargo arrives by ship or truck, Port of Grenaa has modern facilities and specialized equipment to load and unload efficiently.
The largest Danish bulk cargo companies already use Port of Grenaa for shipping, transport and storage of bulk cargo. The port offers large quayside areas — paved and unpaved — and there is scope for further expansion. Port of Grenaa has up to 11 metres of water depth and access conditions are adapted to heavy traffic. Its giant hopper, which is used for unloading bulk dry goods, reduces wastage. The hopper opening is 90.5m2 and the total volume is no less than 130m3.