The Port of Gdynia ended nine months of 2021 with + 12.7% in total. The largest increases were recorded in the following groups: wood + 119.2% yoy, crude oil and petroleum products + 67.7% yoy,), and general cargo + 15.7% yoy. The increase in container handling in TEU is 12.1% compared to this period in 2020.
The continuation of increases in the results of transshipments in the port is due to the good cooperation between the management board and the terminals operating in the port area. The Port of Gdynia, as a seaport of fundamental importance for the national economy, is an element of transport chains and an international distribution and logistics hub, therefore ensuring an appropriate access infrastructure is necessary to increase the port's handling capacity. The next stage of the implementation of the intended port development strategy is the recently signed contract for co-financing for preparatory works for the investment project "Expansion of access infrastructure in the Port of Gdynia" - said Jacek Sadaj, President of the Port of Gdynia Authority SA
The Port of Gdynia Authority SA, as one of five entities, received funding from the CEF Fund. The value of the project was set at EUR 1,678,548, the project co-financing amount is: EUR 839,274.
The preparatory work has been underway since the beginning of this year and includes the development of analyzes, technical designs and obtaining administrative decisions for three investment phases - in short: extension in Basin V, reconstruction in Basin IV, road and rail access to the above-mentioned areas along the shipyard areas.
In total, 100 applications for co-financing were submitted to the competition, of which 5 received five Polish projects from the Connecting Europe Facility in the amount of EUR 26.1 million. The estimated budget for the competition was initially EUR 200 million, but has however been increased to EUR 307 million.
The funds obtained will allow for large infrastructure investments prepared for the implementation in the perspective of 2021-2027.
Since 2018, the Port of Gdynia has received a total of PLN 4,700,968.98 in co-financing, PLN 1,118,368.70 from CEF Transport 2018 "Connecting Europe" for the project "Feasibility study with technical documentation of the intelligent truck traffic management system at the Port of Gdynia" and PLN 3,860,987.72 in the last competition.
Effective use of own financial resources as well as those obtained from EU funds makes the Port of Gdynia develop dynamically. The domestic logistics sector is more and more willing to use the services of Polish terminals in the Baltic Sea, which is due to the improvement of access infrastructure, including the modernization of railway lines and sections of highways and expressways that have been opened in recent years. In the Port of Gdynia, all investments are continued according to the schedule. The total value of infrastructure investments within the Port of Gdynia is over PLN 4 billion.
Funds that connect Europe
The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is a key EU funding instrument to promote growth, jobs and competitiveness through targeted infrastructure investment at European level. It supports the development of efficient, sustainable and effectively interconnected trans-European networks in the fields of transport, energy and digital services. It is centrally managed by the European Commission, which selects projects for co-financing as a result of the competitions it announces. CEF supports three areas: transport, energy and telecommunications networks.
So far, Poland has received EUR 4.3 billion in CEF funding for the implementation of a total of 59 projects in the area of ​​transport, making it the largest beneficiary of support from this instrument.