Above: OBA Bulk Terminal
Sea lock IJmuiden has already survived the first storms and the first ships have also passed through the largest sea lock in the world. The port business community is proud of the arrival of the new waterworks. Amports is using the opening of the IJmuiden Sea Lock for a tour of the port business community that will be using the new front door in the coming years.
Amports spoke to Jeroen van der Neut Managing Director at OBA Group (OBA Bulk Terminal and IGMA Bulk Terminal)
The honeymoon of the new sea lock in IJmuiden is going well, says Jeroen. “In practice, it appears to work fine in recent weeks. That is a good signal.” The new lock also offers advantages. “The fact that you can lock tide-independently is a real improvement for us, because ships can then be berthed at our quay faster than in the past. That is an advantage for us, but especially for our customers.”
No hindrance during construction
Van der Neut indicates that he had hardly any hindrance during the construction of the lock. “No, actually not at all, the Noordersluis has been operating well. It has been a really successful process in recent years, at least for our business operations. So yes, the new front door is a success.”
We ask Van der Neut, what will 2022 be for a year. After the lock opens, there are still a good 11 months left. “In 2021 we acquired IGMA and added that extra agri bulk cargo flow to our portfolio. We expect a busy year, with a good amount of cargo coming our way. And that more efficiently than before thanks to the new lock. After all, that ensures a shorter lead time.”