• The investment accumulated by the Galician company in Punta Langosteira already amounts to 20 million euros
• Pérez Torres is one of the main operators of Langosteira, and has begun to use the dock as a hub platform to distribute solid bulk from different continents to other ports in Europe
• Fernández Prado congratulated the company and thanked it for its firm commitment to continue investing in the improvement of its endowments A Coruña,
Pérez Torres Marítima has incorporated a state-of-the-art crane in its Terminal at the Outer Port of Punta Langosteira, thus doubling its capacity to load and unload ships in this dock.
The Liebherr crane, model LHM 550, with a lifting capacity of 144 tons and a range of 48 meters, is equipped with the most modern operational systems and is the twin of which Pérez Torres already has in Punta Langosteira.
The crane, 70 meters high and weighing 500 tons, has been transferred from the port of Amsterdam on a RORO vessel, specialized in the movement of this type of project loads.
With this new investment of approximately 3 million euros, Pérez Torres Marítima continues to confirm its firm commitment to growth and competitiveness, both for the handling of bulk and general cargo, and for the loading of projects in its Terminal of the Outer Port of A Coruña.
The company is one of the main operators of the Port of A Coruña, and of the Punta Langosteira dock, where it manages two concessions that occupy an ares of 45,000 square meters. With the investment involved in the acquisition and commissioning of this second crane, the investment made so far by Pérez Torres in the Outer Port, in warehouses, machinery and auxiliary services, amounts to 20 million euros.
In addition to the operations it has been carrying out in Langosteira of loading and unloading of clinker, coke, cereals and special parts, among other goods, the company of Galician origin has also begun to use the Outer Port for the movement of large loads of solid bulk from different continents, as a hub terminal, distributing them to other ports in northern Europe, taking advantage of the changes that are taking place in international logistics chains and the competitive advantages offered by the dock.
The president of the Port Authority, Martín Fernández Prado, congratulated the company for its growth in the port and thanked this firm commitment to continue investing in the improvement of its endowments.