Eureka Shipping, a leading provider of sustainable, high-efficiency cement carrier services jointly owned by SMT Shipping and The CSL Group, is pleased to announce the construction of a state-of-art mechanical/pneumatic cement ship destined for operation in the Great Lakes. The cutting-edge vessel with a deadweight of 12,500 metric tonnes, is designed to replace two older vessels, while maintaining the same cargo capacity.
“Building a ship aligned with eco-friendly principles is a top priority for both Eureka Shipping and our customer,” said Kai Grotterud, Managing Director of Eureka Shipping. “Our new cement carrier is expected to contribute significantly to decarbonization by drastically reducing the emissions per metric tonne of cargo carried.
From its propulsion system to its onboard amenities, every aspect of the new vessel’s design reflects a dedication to safety, environmental stewardship and operational efficiency. Key features include:
  • a diesel-electric propulsion system consisting of four generator sets, providing redundancy for both navigation and cargo operation;
  • modern, fuel-efficient engines capable of operating on HVO biofuel, to enhance performance and reduce emissions;
  • two rudder propellers with 360 degree thrust, plus a powerful bow-thruster, for superior maneuverability and optimized navigation safety;
  • energy-saving measures to minimize power consumption, including LED lighting throughout;
  • state-of-the-art cargo handling equipment to reduce power usage during loading and unloading operations;
  • extensive noise insulations and silencers on machinery and cargo handling equipment;
  • prepared for operation on shore power when such power becomes available; and
  • high-quality accommodations for officers and crew, prioritizing comfort and well-being.
The new vessel, currently under construction by the Holland Shipyard Group in the Netherlands, is scheduled for delivery in 2025 and will commence operations in the Great Lakes region.
In the interim, prior to the new vessel’s arrival in Canada, MV Sunnanvik, a 8,600 DWT mechanical/pneumatic cement carrier previously operating in Europe, will service its trade routes starting in early April 2024. Equipped with modified discharge equipment tailored to the customer’s receiving terminals, the vessel will discharge cargo at rates of up to 1,000 tonnes per hour.
As part of Eureka’s commitment to decarbonization, MV Sunnanvik was fitted with two flexible, vertical “Ventofoil” “wing” sails from Econowind in 2023. These innovative sails harness wind energy to provide additional thrust, contributing to lower emissions. Conditions permitting, they will be tested on the Great Lakes, enhancing the vessel’s speed in favorable wind conditions.
MV Sunnanvik holds the distinction of being the first sail-equipped vessel to operate in the Great Lakes.
Eureka Shipping Ltd. is a leading provider of logistical services within the specialized segment of pneumatic and mechanical cement carriers. Eureka owns and commercially operates a fleet of self-unloading cement carriers ranging in size from 3000 DWT to 23.000 DWT in the Baltic Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean and the Great Lakes.
SMT Shipping has, over the past 30 years, grown to a fleet of about 72 vessels through a number of joint venture companies operating in various bulk commodities markets, focusing on highly efficient geared bulk carriers, floating storage/transhipment terminals and belt-unloaders.