National Ports Unveils the Mobidock™ a Revolutionary 60,000m² Scalable Floating Port to Rapidly Expand Global Port Capacity Perth, Australia, November 2022 Perth-based National Ports Corporation Limited has unveiled the Mobidock™ a 60,000m² (15 Acres) scalable floating port with a 520,000 DWT.
The revolutionary design is set to address the capacity crises and unlock revenues at busy ports worldwide. Port congestion is a global crisis Port congestion has become a major challenge in high-growth regions globally. This has been exacerbated by the pandemic and geo-political pressures around the world
Every major port globally is struggling to meet demand and remain commercially competitive. Excessive wait times for ship berthing and associated high demurrage costs are now the norm. And the effects of port congestion reverberate far beyond shipping providers; project44 estimates that retailers incurred approximately $321 million in added interest expense on inventory in 2021 due to port congestion.
Port capacity is essential for boosting international trade and boosting the revenue profile of nations; however, significant time and capital are required to build new port capacity. Moreover, open land next to deep water is no longer plentiful. Building deep-water berths is expensive and time-consuming, and dredging and environmental permitting are becoming more complicated, expensive and restrictive.
Introducing the 60,000m² Mobidock™ a cost-effective, and environmentally conscious approach, no dredging required.
Around the world, floating ports are now considered the most economical way to expand port capacity. National Ports’ patented scalable ports offer an unrivalled opportunity to quickly and economically expand port capacity on a never-before-seen scale.
The Mobidock™ provide an uninterrupted laydown deck area of 60,000m² or more, plus over 700,000m³ of under-deck area. They have a deck strength of 15 tons per square meter (or as required by the client), over 600 meters of berthing space for easily berthing by any type of vessel and a deadweight (DWT) of 500,000 tons. The patented design is also incredibly safe and stable.
This flexible Mobidock² solution offers on-board accommodation, dynamic positioning (optional), can be scaled to clients’ requirements and is available for Lease or purchase.
The Mobidock™ is ideally suited for:
• Extension of existing ports
• Countries or Islands with limited or nonexistent ports infrastructures
• Supply base for the oil and gas industries
• Storage and/or installation of Wind Turbine Generators components
The Mobidock™ provide a safe and stable cost-effective alternative for all types of cargo:
● Containerized
● Break Bulk
● Bulk Commodities
● Project Cargo
The Mobidock™ floating terminals strategically located offer services including:
● 600m of deep-water berth frontage
● 60,000m² (15 Acres) Laydown and storage
● 700,000m³ Under-deck storage area
● Customs & Quarantine
● 90,000m³ Fuel Storage
● Bunkering facilities
● Potable Water Generation
● Ship Repair & Maintenance
● Container cranes
● Cold storage and warehousing
● Stevedoring services
● Cargo management
Specifications of the 60,000m² Mobidock™ :
Length: 300 m
Beam: 200 m
DWT: 520,000 tonnes
Draft: 19 meters (on 520,000 DWT)
Deck area: 60,000 m² (15 Acres)
Under deck area 700,000 m³
Berth frontage: 600 m
An innovative breakthrough in engineering providing solution to the challenges facing today’s global ports