This weekend saw the new berths for inland shipping at Maashaven being taken into use. A total of 13 pontoons have been added along the north and south ends of the eastern basin. Together, they expand Maashaven’s existing capacity by dozens of berths (how many exactly depends on the size of the mooring vessels). This effectively reinstates Maashaven as Rotterdam’s largest inland port. The pontoons are part of the large-scale redevelopment of Maashaven first announced four years ago.
The Port Authority is very pleased with the new pontoons. “User-friendly; more shored-based power. And rounded off before Christmas. The new pontoons are in line with our ambition to keep accommodating inland shipping in Rotterdam’s city centre,” says project manager Jannet de Bruijne-Bredius.
Shore-based power
Each of the pontoons, which can move along with the tides, is held in place by two steel tubular piles. In addition, the units have been fitted with a tall staircase along their southern edge that allows crew members to safely disembark from the empty vessel. The local shore-based power system at Maashaven has also been adapted. The basin will be receiving a larger number of ships, which increases the demand for electric power. The pontoons were constructed by DEME, with Endeburg realising the shore-based power facilities.
The Municipality's ambition is to create a city park with trees, sunbathing lawns and height differences. The Port Authority has already rounded the underwater preparations for this project.
Source: Port of Rotterdam