Steelpaint produces high-performance single-component polyurethane coatings offering significant advantages over 2-component coatings.
The company’s MCPUs are suitable for application from -5°C to +50°C and at relative humidity levels up to 98% and can be applied using brush, roller or spray. Surface preparation can be done by water jetting, blasting and with power tools.
SP coatings withstand high levels of mechanical strain and offer cost-saving, long-lasting corrosion-protection for tank tops, cargo holds, hatch covers, lashing bridges, hull & deck areas and are suitable for crew maintenance during voyages.
Among its clients are Oldendorff, Bergebulk, Hapag Lloyd, CP Offen, BW Epic Kosan, MSC and many more.
To ensure the best material quality SP exclusively produces in Germany using the most modern equipment and carefully selected raw materials.
The company’s references from satisfied customers all over the world speak for themselves.