Liebherr has unveiled the LH 26 M Timber Litronic, a new special machine for efficient timber handling. Thanks to its extremely compact design and exceptional manoeuvrability, the LH 26 M Timber is predestined for work in sawmills and timber operations with limited space. The handling machine impresses with extremely low fuel consumption and maximum performance at the same time.
Whether as fuel, construction element or piece of furniture: wood is a climate- friendly and popular all-rounder. For efficient timber handling, Liebherr offers a wide portfolio of powerful and efficient special machines that are ideally suited for typical work processes such as loading and unloading trucks and trailers, sorting logs or transport.
For these activities, good driving performance, high payloads as well as fast working cycles are particularly in demand. With the LH 26 M Timber Litronic, Liebherr is presenting a new timber truck that extends the existing portfolio downwards with an operating weight of between 23,500 and 26,000kg.
The engine power of 125kW provides the system with a high torque. This means that the machine can be accelerated quickly. In combination with the high pump flow rate, fast and dynamic working movements and thus the highest handling performance are guaranteed.
Thanks to its compact design the machine is ideally suited for use especially in confined spaces. Due to the extremely small front and rear swing radius, the machine can be completely swivelled even in tight locations. The minimal contour of the right front in particular means that work can be carried out very close to the sorting string or pile, as this is always within the width of the undercarriage. This provides an excellent view of the working area, ensures additional safety and prevents collisions.
For high manoeuvrability, the LH 26 M Timber is equipped with all-wheel steering as standard. The all-wheel steering increases driving stability and thus improves directional stability.The automatic steering reversal, which is also standard, guarantees the correct steering direction at all times when driving forwards or backwards.
The electric swing angle adjustment in the traction motor provides more torque, maximum acceleration and higher tractive effort. This ensures a constantly high driving performance even on slopes. The optimal adjustment of speed and flow rate ensures convincing fuel efficiency even at maximum speed.
For longer distances, the combination of timber tractor and trailer is the optimal choice. thanks to the powerful drive and the robust axles, trailers weighing up to 60 tonnes can be towed. The new undercarriage concept with two-point blade support significantly increases the handling performance in trailer operation. The two-point blade support guarantees maximum stability as well as high payloads when loading and unloading the trailer over the entire swivel range. This allows more timber to be handled per loading cycle and thus increases productivity. The blade can additionally be used for clearing work and thus increases safety in the timber yard.
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