Since its establishment in 1836, KenzFigee has shaped the skylines of harbours and terminals all over the world with a large number of floating bulk handling cranes for the transshipment industry.
With over 4,000 harbour (transshipment) cranes and 350 pedestal mounted offshore cranes delivered and installed worldwide, KenzFigee is a trusted partner in the industry.
The specially designed Lemniscate crane for floating applications has given KenzFigee a prominent position in the industry, and remains very popular. This high quality floating Lemniscate crane offers high capacity transshipment of up to 25,000 tonnes per day, whilst maintaining stability and buoyance of the vessel. The load can be moved in a horizontal direction without vertical movements and thus not requiring any lift capacity (and energy) during the horizontal movement. Originally designed on the double boom principle, one that delivers an optimum balance between weight and centre of gravity, the Lemniscate crane is a three boom system: the main jib (front arm), the jib tie (rear arm) and the jib fly (upper arm).
Refurbishment or lifetime extension services
Transshipment cranes delivered by KenzFigee were originally designed for a life time of up to 30 years. After years of extensive use, the performance of this equipment is nowhere near its productivity at the beginning of its life cycle. A refurbishment or lifetime extension can considerably extend the lifetime, restore performance of up to 100% and is often more economical than purchasing new. As the majority of these cranes are still operational, there is a lot of demand for refurbishment and/or lifetime extension services.
Reasons for refurbishment services by the dedicated team of KenzFigee service engineers are:
* the need to increase productivity or lifting capacity;
* different or change in operations;
* a need to comply with current legislation;
* modifying existing equipment is quicker; and
* it is a more economical alternative than purchasing new cranes.
KenzFigee’s most recent project is the refurbished Lemniscate crane the Adelaar (Eagle) belonging to the Rietlanden Terminals in Amsterdam. In approximately three months the luffing drive has been completely checked, refurbished, painted and tested. The luffing drive has also been reinforced, where necessary, to prevent tearing again. After completion the Adelaar has resumed its duties for at least 15 to 20 years.
New transshipment crane for harsh offshore environments: the BulkbusterTM
The need for a higher speed and an even higher capacity transshipment crane with better seaway conditions in more harsh offshore environments, has encouraged KenzFigee to design the Bulkbuster crane.
The development of the Bulkbuster is a result of years of experience and practical know-how of the Lemniscate floating transshipment cranes and offshore cranes. For the components’ lifespan, KenzFigee has taken a more dynamic load design into account because of seaway conditions during bulk handling. This is based on experience gained with offshore cranes installed on amongst others: offshore vessels and FPSOs.