KenzFigee a well-established supplier and service provider of innovative tailor-made cranes and equipment for the marine, offshore and wind energy sectors, announces it now has a market position in the UK.
KenzFigee (UK) Ltd. will provide clients in the UK sector with access to the expertise, capabilities and support services direct from their hub in Aberdeen, Scotland.
Following a growing demand for offshore expert equipment sales and support in the emerging markets such as decommissioning and wind energy, KenzFigee has now expanded its services to the UK and aims to contribute to the success of its clients by providing specialist crane solutions, innovative offshore equipment systems and support engineering services, such as maintenance, refurbishments and fast response repair locally from the UK.
The KenzFigee brand proudly commands the entire supply of services of new build installations, from design through to completion which include engineering, planning & project management, logistics, construction and servicing.
From left to right: Jan-Pieter Klaver, CEO of KenzFigee and Barry Stewart, Vice President KenzFigee (UK) Ltd. 
Jan-Pieter Klaver, CEO of KenzFigee, says: “Our position in the UK will provide an opportunity to work more closely and efficiently with our clients in this region. Positioning our products and services closer to our UK clients will enable us to enhance operational support and to further improve safety and productivity of our clients’ operations. KenzFigee UK operations will be led by Barry Stewart, who has over 20 years of international experience in various organizations across multiple industries and will further strengthen our presence as a specialist equipment and service provider for lifting and offshore equipment systems in this region.”
Barry Stewart, Vice President of KenzFigee (UK) Ltd., comments: “This is an exciting time for energy in the UK, with tremendous opportunities across oil & gas operations, decommissioning and the growing wind energy markets. We will look to create openings to implement innovative bespoke integrated technical solutions to improve efficiency and enhance predictability. In short, we will partner with our clients to design fit for purpose engineering solutions to suit the specific needs of operators and asset owners. I’m looking forward to working closely with our clients and to assist with further improving their safety and operational efficiency.” Barry concludes, “we are now in a time of the ‘next generation’ of energy companies and we should all be prepared to be innovative visionaries.”
About KenzFigee
Established in 1836, KenzFigee has designed and built more than 4,500 cranes and lifting solutions that fit the specific needs of its clients in the most demanding conditions. Based on our decades of experience, focus on innovation and client requirements, KenzFigee has become a leading supplier and service provider of reliable and durable tailor-made cranes and equipment for the worldwide marine, offshore and wind energy industries.
At KenzFigee we take care of clients during the whole life cycle of the equipment: from creation to disposal. The experienced professionals provide design, engineering expertise and a variety of services, to support clients increasing operational efficiency and to minimize downtime of equipment.
KenzFigee is headquartered in Zaandam, the Netherlands and has branch offices in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Aberdeen, United Kingdom.