Bothra Shipping Services Pvt Ltd, (Bothra Shipping), has ordered three fully electric sixth-generation mobile Gottwald port cranes from Konecranes. The cranes enter the port operator's bulk terminals at Kakinada Port, located on India's east coast. The order was booked in September 2022, and the eco-efficient cranes will be delivered in the second half of 2023.
The companies belonging to the Bothra group are Indian providers of international logistics services. The group's subsidiary Bothra Shipping is a major Indian port operator that offers comprehensive customized solutions for many different types of cargo. The Bothra group of companies owns the mechanized 8MMTPA terminal for coal handling and the 6MMTPA terminal for fertilizer handling in the Kakinada deep sea port and is responsible for their operation. The purpose of the new sixth generation cranes is to increase bulk handling volumes in the terminals and at the same time reduce local carbon dioxide emissions and make operations more efficient.
“We wanted to look for new ways to develop our terminal, and Konecranes' sixth-generation mobile Gottwald harbor cranes had the best possible combination of features we were looking for. They are highly efficient, have less noise, and produce no local emissions at all. This is now the first time we have purchased Konecranes equipment. We look forward to seeing how it increases our productivity and overall eco-efficiency," says Ajit Bothra, owner of the Bothra Group.
The three new cranes are Konecranes' sixth-generation mobile Gottwald ESP.7B port cranes with a working radius of 51 meters and a capacity of 125 tons. The well-equipped berths connected to the Kakinada seaport terminals have high-voltage electrical points to which the cranes can be connected. The cranes use an external power source without their own diesel generator unit. With the help of such a drive system, efficiency can be improved, operating costs can be reduced, and noise nuisance and exhaust gases can be reduced at the same time. The cranes have a four-rope lifting system with a 63-tonne grip load curve, which allows them to handle large quantities of bulk goods. Bothra Shipping receives on-site technical support from India's Konecranes when the cranes are commissioned at the terminal.
"It's great that Bothra Shipping has chosen Konecranes' sixth generation mobile Gottwald harbor cranes as their new bulk handling equipment. The new technology helps the terminal to improve both its performance and eco-efficiency", says Shyam Pathak, Sales Director of Konecranes port solutions.
The order is part of the Ecolifting™ range, which is designed to reduce our customers' carbon footprint. We improve the use of resources by, among other things, optimizing the environmental efficiency of diesel drive equipment and promoting hybridization and the use of fully electric equipment.
Strong customer orientation and commitment to business growth and continuous development make Konecranes a leader in the lifting equipment industry. This is supported by investments in digitization and technology and our work to improve material flows with solutions that reduce carbon dioxide emissions and promote circular economy and safety.