Impala Terminals Burnside, Louisiana — providing an integrated and efficient supply chain route from the United States to international markets through the Gulf of Mexico.
Impala Terminals Burnside in Ascension Parish, Louisiana is Impala’s state-of-the-art bulk facility in the US for coal, petroleum coke, bauxite, alumina and other dry commodities.
Impala Terminals Burnside is an essential part of the commodities supply chain to Central and South America, the Caribbean, Western Africa, and the Euro-Mediterranean region. Further recent expansion of the Panama Canal has allowed larger vessels to cross-transit, making it possible for its customers to reach Asian markets.
Located at mile marker 169 on the Lower Mississippi River, Impala Terminals Burnside is a multi-modal terminal with access to ocean, river, and truck connecting the US coal and petroleum coke producing heartland to domestic and international markets.
This strategic location provides ready access to the entire 25,000 nautical miles of the US Inland river system, immediate access to the US Interstate highway system, all class one railroads and direct access to the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi River shipping lanes.
Since acquiring the site in 2011, Impala has invested significantly in the terminal transforming it into one of the top bulk exporting facilities in the US. To date US$300+ million has been injected into the project with a further US$150+ million envisaged for a further phase of redevelopment incorporating a state-of-the-art rail unloading system. Over the last year volumes handled at Burnside grew to 4.4mt (million tonnes) of coal and coking coal and 1.1mt of bauxite and alumina, a combined increase of 2.1mt from the 3.4mt handled in 2017.
Impala Terminals Burnside not only offers immediate storage on a soil cement pad and blending facilities, but also operates a mid-stream berth with both barge-to-ocean vessel and ocean vessel-to-barge transfer capabilities. The mid-stream vessel operation is capable of transfer rates up to 20,000 tonnes per day of all types of bulk cargoes, including coal, petroleum coke, grain products, ores or alloys and fertilizers.
Impala Terminals Group is delivering on its promise of running a state-of-the-art facility with a focus on quality, efficiency, environmental stewardship and reliability.
Regional Report: Dry Cargo International