Italian company CES Srl is primarily a manufacturer of reachstackers and industrial handling machines. Its three lines of products include:
* traditional reachstackers;
* barge-handling reachstackers; and
* heavy-duty handling machines.
This article focuses on the company’s heavy duty machines.
Heavy duty handling is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the rise in wind components and more.
CES’s standard reachstacker has a capacity of 45 tonnes which, with a container spreader, can be used to handle containers, but also as an intermodal ‘piggyback’ spreader in railways to swap bodies and containers.
The barge handling reachstackers offer a capacity of 30 tonnes at a 10m distance.
For industrial handling of heavy lift cargoes, CES Srl supplies the world’s largest, strongest and most powerful reachstacker with a special hook attachment. This lifts up to 180 tonnes in pick-and-carry mode. It can be used for any heavy load — recently, it has been widely used to transport wind turret sections at a wind tower factor. Two machines between them can lift a 240-tonne wind turret section.
This heavy lift capacity is made possible thanks to the specially patented front axle with independent motor-driven wheels.
CES Srl’s major clients include terminals and wind turret factories, and it specializes in the study and development of customiz­ed machines for heavy and special lifting.
In 2019, the company signed a — just completed — contract with a terminal in Sommacampagna in Veneto Italy. The terminal purchased the HLM500 reachstacker, which is equipped with a permanent electromagnet and intermodal spreader. Another notable development is the permanent electromagnet installed on the reachstacker for metal sheet handling with no need for an external generator.
CES Srl stands out from the competition by diversifying significantly. All of the company’s machines have hydrostatic transmission (which, importantly, keeps the fuel supply safe and — in the case of big loads — helps the handling process with smooth movements). The machines are designed in a modular way, so they can be shipped in commercial trucks or containers, for reassembly at the destination within a few days. They also use the biggest fuel tanks on the market — 1,000 litres, which means that the operator can work for much longer without refuelling. Also available is a hydraulically extendable wheelbase — from 6.5m up to 8.5 m — so that, using same machine, it is possible to have a much bigger lifting capacity.
CES Srl has, like so many other companies, been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, with the postponement of some major international projects. Once the situation is under control, the company hopes to return to normal.