In 20 months, the channel leading to the Port of Gdynia will be 130 meters wider and 3 meters deeper.
On Thursday, February 10, the Maritime Office in Gdynia signed a contract for the implementation of the task entitled "Deepening of the fairway and internal waters of the Port of Gdynia. Stage II - Deepening of the approach fairway ". The undertaking will ensure safe navigation of ships with a length of 400 m, width of 58 m and a draft of up to 14.5 m. Safety will also be improved through the expansion and reconstruction of breakwaters at the main entrance to the port, as well as the renovation and modernization of navigational markings.
The project carried out jointly by the maritime administration and the port managing entity is a good example of an effective activity for the development of the Polish maritime economy. Access infrastructure from the water side, for which maritime offices are responsible, apart from navigation safety, provides a direct benefit for the state budget. Its modernization directly increases the transshipment potential, which is clearly visible in the annual records recorded by our ports - emphasizes Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marek Gróbarczyk.
It is one of the three stages of the project, carried out jointly by the Maritime Office in Gdynia and the Port of Gdynia Authority SA. The other two stages, implemented by the Port of Gdansk Authority SA are:
  • Extension of Turntable No. 2 with reconstruction Nb. Hospitable
  • And the deepening of the internal waters of the Port of Gdynia.
The current port of Gdynia can be entered by ships with a maximum draft of 13 meters and a length of up to 340 meters. The implementation of our project will significantly increase these parameters and, together with the other two parts, carried out by the Port Authority, will make the port even more attractive and increase transshipments. Ensuring a safe and effective access infrastructure from the sea is our priority. We would like to thank the Center for EU Transport Projects for granting co-financing for our investments in this area - said Wieslaw Piotrzkowski, director of the Maritime Office in Gdynia.
The project is implemented under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program for 2014 - 2020. The value of the project is PLN 126,965,798.95, including the amount of co-financing by the European Union: PLN 107,904,065.97.
The Port of Gdynia, which is part of the trans-European transport network between the Baltic Sea and the Adriatic Sea, adapts its infrastructure to the changing requirements of shipowners and companies from the maritime industry. Thanks to further investments, we are improving the security of the port, while significantly increasing the port's handling potential, which is reflected in the annual records of the port. The completed investment will improve efficiency and allow for the provision of the highest quality port services - Jacek Sadaj, President of the Port of Gdynia Authority SA.
After completion of the works, the length of 3.7 km will be 280 m wide at the bottom and 17 m deep. The total volume of dredging works is 3.5 million m3, of which 650,000 m3. it will be built into the seashore as part of artificial recharge. The Eastern Main Breakwater in the southern and northern parts will also be rebuilt and extended. A steel sheet piling will be made along the breakwater, on its both sides and at the front. On the other hand, the construction and renovation of navigational markings will cover the approach track and the entrance to the port.
The contractor will be a consortium of companies: Przedsiebiorstwo Robót Czerpalnych i Podwodnych Sp. z o. o. - Lider, Rohde Nielsen A / S - Partner and Van den Herik Kust-en Oeverwerken BV - Partner.
The implementation of the project will contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the Polish economy by ensuring conditions for the sustainable development of trade based on water transport and thus increasing the transshipments shipped inland by sea.