Gambarotta Gschwendt is world-renowned in the design, construction and installation of equipment for the elevating and transport of solid materials in the cement industry, such as bucket elevators, conveyors and high capacity feeders for any type of use.
All around the world, the company’s countless plants are witness to the success of its winning working philosophy, which has always characterized the company since its beginning in 1919, yet continuously kept updated according to Kaizen techniques: of course, it is able to meet any customer’s need. Moreover, it is often ahead with innovative and technologically advanced projects, thanks to the synergies put in place internally, with partners and with major research centres throughout Europe.
Quality and reliability have always been the strength of Gambarotta Gschwendt’s, attested by numerous certifications including ISO 9001, EN1090, EN ISO 15609, ISO 9606 and ATEX standard.
Gambarotta Gschwendt’s extensive and specific expertise leads to highly reliable machines on a daily basis, thus meeting every requirement in full compliance with the strictest international standards. All equipment is the result of excellent design departments, statutory procedures, continuous exchanges between the internal divisions of the company and the customers on-site, on the rapid prototyping of new devices and the use of the best quality materials and components available on the market, able to withstand high levels of wear with a favourable impact on maintenance costs and timing.
Gambarotta Gschwendt’s products
* heavy duty apron feeder/apron weigh feeder;
* high-capacity bucket elevators up to 3,000tph (tonnes per hour);
* bucket elevators for large-size material;
* drag chain conveyors/ armoured chain feeders;
* screw conveyors/mass flow screw feeders; and
* self cleaning cell feeders.
Gambarotta Gschwendt’s services
* spare parts supply for its conveyors and for those of other brands;
* upgrades/refurbishment of its conveyors and of conveyors of other brands, keeping existing structure/casings and replacing internal parts such as chains, sprockets etc.;
* measurements of existing site dimensions/layout (civil and steel works), 3D creation and proposal of customized new conveyors/feeders;
* periodic inspection of conveyors with reporting and evaluation of each component‘s life expectancy; and
* maintenance supervision and assistance when replacing spare parts.
Gambarotta Gschwendt offers further upgrade services
Gambarotta Gschwendt technicians are available at the customer’s site to suggest improvements in the process, increasing productivity, increasing the process reliability and reducing the amount of maintenance needed.
Why upgrade a plant?
Compared to a new installation there are several advantages:
* reduction in the investment: structures, intermediate casings, electrical installation, etc. can be (sometimes only partially) reused;
* reduction in transport costs: if some parts are reused, transportation costs can be reduced;
* reduction of down time of the plant: only some parts of the old plant have to be disassembled;
* reuse of existing parts: saving in design time, production, dismantling, reassembling
* reuse of space: modernizing an existing machine can increase the productivity per square metre without increasing the size of the plant;
* increase of low-maintenance intervals: most of the time, an upgrade means using new updated motors, bearings; and
* conformity to safety and environmental regulations: during the operations all the protection devices will be updated.