Quarantine for imported agricultural products, grain in particular, is a worldwide measure to protect countries from harmful pests and diseases. Each country has its own biosecurity requirements and the responsibilities for importing goods.
Accounting for around 21% ($12.8 billion) of the total gross value of farm production, the grain industry in Australia makes an important contribution to the Australian economy, but still relies on imported grain. Importing grain to Australia is a commercial decision between an importer in Australia and a supplier in the country of origin whose obligation is to meet Australia’s import conditions.
To address risk associated with imported grain, the quarantine measures apply. Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services (AQIS) subject imported grain to strict quarantine conditions. During the quarantine processing grain by hammer milling and steam palletization is an effective way to kill pathogens and arthropod pests, and devitalizes the grain and weed seeds to prevent germination. Not only processing grain is important in protecting the environment, but de-dusting measures are effective.
The special focus has to be on de-dusting of the personnel clothes for those, working on grain processing in quarantine zones. Using clothes cleaning technology can maximize the efficiency of the very process and minimize the risk of dust build up.
Mideco’s globally recognized Bat Booth®, personnel cleaning system
Following the requirement for employees’ cloths to be properly cleaned from dust, Mideco comes up with a unique, simple to use and smart clothes cleaning technology — Bat Booth® that is specifically designed to eliminate any type of dry dust. On top of being highly effective in industrial minerals processing, silica processing, copper smelting operations and powder coating processes in quarries and at cement processing plants, Bat Booth® has a great value for agricultural quarantine applications for employees after leaving the grain quarantine zone.
The Mideco de-dusting booth uses compressed air to safely clean the contaminated clothing. This quick, safe and effective clothes-cleaning method from Mideco allows workers at various processing operations to clean their dust soiled clothing and removes 50% more dust than the commonly used single point air hose method.
In 2019 Bat Booth® was recognized by NIOSH — the US federal agency responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related injury and diseases, as the cleaning booth technology that reduces the worker’s respirable dust exposure peaks by approximately 88% in seconds.
Out of many exiting technological ways to remove dust from personnel uniforms, Bat Booth® is specifically designed in accordance with NIOSH concept of safe and efficient clothes cleaning system using compressed air at 30psig to remove dust from work clothing.
Bat Booth® was included in NIOSH Dust Control Handbook for Industrial Minerals and Processing and recommended as an effective clothes cleaning technology. Mideco, in its turn, is mentioned as the commercial manufacturer, which made its design.
Bat Booth® system is UL certified. That means they are evaluated and tested for safety risks by Underwriters Laboratories — one of the most reliable safety certification companies in the world.
Case study
A unique but perfect application for Mideco’s Bat Booth® has been found at the facility of an Australian grain processing leader, New South Wales, Australia. There Mideco’s award-winning personnel de-dusting device is helping the company meet Australia’s strict grain import laws.
An Australian family-owned diverse agribusiness with over 65 years of experience bringing the finest Australian food and industrial products to the world.
The company also imports grain and has to comply with Australia’s tough import laws. Overseas grain may potentially carry bacteria or germs that can harm humans, animals, crops and land, thus presenting a high biosecurity risk.
Therefore, imported grain must be kept in quarantine for a certain amount of time. Upon delivery, imported grain is placed at one of the company factories in an enclosed space. The difficulty is ensuring that staff that works in that area don’t carry any grain or grain dust out upon exiting.
Up until now, the workers have been using disposable uniforms to ensure the conditions of quarantine are met. This was not the most effective, comfortable or sustainable way to work. The installation of Bat Booth® has solved that problem with ease.
Comparing to the most common ways of cleaning staff’s uniforms that often simply dislodge the dust, Bat Booth® permanently removes and captures the dust particles with the help of powerful HEPA filters. Workers can use Bat Booth® when required, sometimes several times a day, as it only takes seconds. Now staff on site can rest assured no speck of grain dust will escape the quarantined area.
This is Bat Booth’s® debut in the grain industry. Mideco is excited to have found a new application for the dust control product it are really proud of, and is looking forward to creating new partnerships in this space, since there’s a global practice to keep local habitat safe.