Automated lid removal and replacement system from CRS streamlines containerized bulk handling operations.
In 2009, Container Rotation Systems Pty Ltd (CRS) introduced Australia’s first 360° container rotator, trademarked Rotainer®, which was commissioned for D.P. World, Port Adelaide, Australia. CRS is based in Sydney, Australia
Initially, the primary role of the Rotainer® was loading parcels of approximately 70,000 tonnes of DSO iron ore for IMX Resources. Automated lid lifting following not long after, for copper concentrate applications.
Since then, CRS has continued to enhanced its systems and has built a client base which sees its products successfully operating in ten countries around the world, from the extreme temperatures of Central Africa to the arduous conditions of Northern Canada.
CRS is a one-stop solution for rotational, containerized bulk handling equipment, and continues to add innovative products to it portfolio.
The latest addition to the CRS stable is a stand-alone, electronically managed, static, lid removal and replacement system.
This unit is designed to be installed at the processing plant where containers have be loaded in a fully contained, environmentally safe manner.
A containers is placed in the lid lifting station, its lid is removed, the container is filled and weighed to reach the design gross weight required, the lid is replaced and the container is then moved to a marshalling area or direct to transport logistics.
This static unit is a modulated system completely manufactured in CRS’s Western Sydney, state-of-the-art facility. It is a pre-tested plug and play design — users should just fit it to its mount pads, power up and it is ready to work.
Having universal mounting points means that they are are easily accommodated. Installation can be free-standing on support legs, or it is possible to mount the assembly on the surrounding building structure.
Operationally, the CRS’s ‘Smarts’ team can set up many variations of electronic management, data logging and it can include CRS’s ‘RRM’ Rotainer remote monitoring software for 24/7 back-up and support services.
The system in the picture is a dual installation whereby two containers can be worked at the same time. This innovative system will be heading to project in Western Australia and is expected to be operation in Q3, 2024.