As the world starts to recover from the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Container Rotation Systems (CRS) is enjoying success, with the award of contracts for a number of new domestic projects both on the West and East Coast of Australia.
The recent global increase in the demand for mineral sands and rare earths has seen a number of projects finally get to the point of production. These types of commodities are well suited for transport via sealed container systems.
One such project currently entering the world stage is the new Lynas facility in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. This project has inbound and outbound products with both transport legs requiring road transport, and is therefore well suited for containerization.
To meet the special process require - ments CRS developed a special Rotainer® Eurospec 360PC. This unit, specifically for portal cranes (360° multi-direction rotation) will handle the container inside Lynas’s state-of-the-art environmentally sound processing facility, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. This new unit was purposely developed for portal (gantry) crane operation with a very slow, programmable rotation speed for slow, controlled feed into the hopper system
Lynas chose CRS above other suppliers as CRS can provide the complete container rotation solution such as the container rotators, bulk ore open top containers and lid handling equipment.
Lynas preferred the CRS innovative bulk ore container, branded as ‘Rotorcon®’ (rotatable container) due to the unique shape of the internal tub that is well suited for sticky materials with the ability to ‘self-clean’ to reduce carry back. Lynas found comfort with CRS expertise in supplying the compete container rotation solution.
Lynas chose CRS as the complete container rotation system supplier due to its industry experience combined with the fact the complete system can be manufactured, tested and pre-commissioned on site at the CRS, state of the art, 3,000m2 manufacturing facility located in Sydney, Australia.
Minerals sands is experiencing strong regional growth. Tronox, Broken Hill is in the process of major plant upgrades with new mines coming one line, increases in tonnes processed required a change in the logistics management.
Tronox, which has its own fleet of several thousand bulk ore containers, engaged CRS to supply Rotainer Eurospec 38RS’s (reach stacker) with automated lid lifting to handle its inbound containers. These containers will feed the plant with raw product; once processed, it will then be re-containerized for shipment to processing pants on the West Coast of Australia.
Moving millions of tonnes of containerized bulk commodities from outback New South Wales to process plants located in Western Australia is no easy feat.
Aurizon, Australia’s largest rail freight operators provided the logistic solution Tronox required to move the large volumes of containers from East to West. To enhance this operation CRS was commissioned to provide additional Rotainer Eurospec 38RS’s for the unloading process.
CRS is Australia’s largest supplier of container rotators and is proud to be at the forefront of container rotation solutions, with its equipment operating in over 20 installations globally.
CRS’s ongoing R&D regime continues to see an increase in the company’s product portfolio such as its Patented Tiltainer®, end tipping for standard general-purpose containers. The CSS (Container Support System), for container side wall support suitable for uncertified open top containers, and the Maxebeam system for maximum product delivery are both Patent Pending.