The company has already taken delivery of m/v Soho Trader, 2015-built, 63 473 DWT and has agreed to acquire the following secondhand dry bulk vessels:
m/v Soho Merchant, 2015-built, 63 800 DWT.
m/v Star Damon, 2012-built, 63 227 DWT.
m/v George P, 2012-built, 81 569 DWT.
m/v Egyptian Mike, 2011-built, 81 601 DWT.
m/v Belnor, 2010-built, 58 018 DWT.
m/v Belstar, 2009-built, 57 970 DWT.
The ships are expected to be delivered between December 2021 and January 2022 and the acquisitions are expected to be financed with cash on hand and debt.