At CEMEX UK’s Rugby Cement plant a new state-of-the-art bagging line is now operational. Two new lines are now working alongside a recently installed paper bagging line, utilising the very best technology that exists globally, to pack 25kg of Cement into weatherproof bags. The new bagging line investment is part of the company’s bolt-on investment strategy and allows CEMEX to reinforce availability and service for packed products in the UK market.
The new weatherproof packaging solution meets growing demand from builders for robust packaging solutions, to reduce the potential for damaged bags and wasted product. The new high-strength packaging ensures the integrity of the product is uncompromised and clearly labelled for maximum visibility. This solution also helps to free up additional shed capacity for stockists as the new all-weather packaging can be stored indoor or outdoor, alongside linked products such as bricks, blocks and sand. In transit there is now no requirement for the bags to be protected with additional plastic waterproof sheeting.
Graeme Barton, National Sales Manager Packed Cement, CEMEX UK comments: “The packaging of our products is under routine scrutiny to meet customer demand and reduce waste. We have listened to what our merchants and customers need and by investing in higher, more reliable capacity CEMEX can now meet the demand from the market in peak months with greater confidence. In turn our stockists can meet their customers’ requirements by supplying what they need in a format that works better for them. Our merchants and end-users are already seeing the immediate benefits of the new packaging by reporting fewer breakages in branch and onsite – which helps to cut down on waste.”
CEMEX works hard to balance market demand for products and services with a climate responsible approach across all of its operations and has carefully addressed environmental concerns ensuring the new packaging meets the minimum requirement of 30% recycled plastic.
At the forefront of the circular economy in the construction value chain, CEMEX is committed to Net Zero CO2 by 2050. By 2022, CEMEX is aiming to reach a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions in its European operations, eight years ahead of its global target. The company’s Future In Action programme is continuously pioneering ways to reduce its environmental impact whilst providing customers with a broad range of sustainable products and solutions.