The Port Authority of the Sea of Sardinia in Italy has issued a tender covering infrastructure work for a bulk terminal in Cagliari’s Canal Port. This encompasses the executive design and construction, in a contract that is worth just over €19.5 million.
Work, which will be completed within 390 days, will involve the implementation of all necessary infrastructure, upgraded connections to the operational areas, and the remodelling of the area behind the 800metre-long quay. At present, this part of the quay is made of compacted earth and lacks many of the necessary services required for future bulk vessel handling operations. Currently, it nevertheless handles around one million tonnes of cargo annually.
The overall project envisages works undertaken on a main area of some 280,000m2 of storage area. This will also be connected to the ro-ro terminal by means of a new €10 million internal port road, which will complete the connection between the west and east banks of the Canal Harbour, diverting traffic away from the city’s road system.
According to the port authority president, Massimo Deiana, the project will put some degree of order into dry bulk handling at Cagliari’s Canal Port.
“This is necessary infrastructure work, which will involve the creation of well defined lots, connected by modern internal and external roads and, above all, functional to the traffic needs of vehicles and operators,” he said.