BSR Van Uden Stevedoring takes care of the storage and handling of general cargo, bulk and breakbulk cargo, for shipping companies, shipping agents, freight forwarders and cargo owners in the port of Rotterdam. At its terminal in the Merwehaven, it has the facilities to optimize its customers’ logistics process. During this process, it enjoys devising solutions with customers, and will continue to invest in people and material.
By employing exactly the right materials, means, team players and services, BRS Van Uden Stevedoring can offer flexibility and accessibility, meaning that its customers’ logistics processes will be organized efficiently and effectively 24/7. The specialisms of BSR Van Uden Stevedoring range from storage to handling and from freight forwarding to transport.
Through years of experience, the company has become a specialist in the field of storage and handling of general cargo, bulk cargo and breakbulk cargo.
Its expertise is focused on various disciplines due to the fact that Van Uden Stevedoring and Bulk Stevedoring Rotterdam joined forces at the beginning of 2013. Van Uden Stevedoring, part of the Van Uden Group, has had the terminal in the Merwehaven at its disposal for decades. The combination of this unique location, the all-round storage facilities, five quay cranes and other equipment meant that the company could optimize customers' supply chains. Opportunities for the customer have been increased due to the collaboration with Bulk Stevedoring Rotterdam, which has always operated as a floating stevedore in the ports of Rotterdam and Moerdijk.
For example, handling activities not only take place on the terminal quay — more than 800 metres long — in the Merwehaven, but coasters and sea-going vessels with a draught of 9.65 metres or more can be loaded and unloaded with the three floating cranes in various places in the Port of Rotterdam. The combination of terminal and floating cranes means that BSR Van Uden Stevedoring can organize the logistics process flexibly, efficiently and effectively 24/7.
In an era when stagnation means decline, BSR Van Uden Stevedoring keeps investing in the continual optimization of the logistics process and devising solutions together with the customer. This is not confined to the storage and handling of the cargo, but also involves the added value that it can achieve.
BSR Van Uden Stevedoring’s multi-purpose terminal offers:
* privately held and secured terminal of six acres;
* a quay length of 1,000 metres;
* a maximum depth of 9.65m NAP;
* five shore cranes;
* ro-ro quay;
* 20,000m2 of bonded warehouses;
* two 70-tonne weighbridges; and
* mobile equipment for handling dry bulk cargo and out-of-gauge cargoes, weighing and tilting chassis for loading and unloading bulk products, either loose or in containers.
In terms of floating cranes, BSR van Uden Stevedoring’s units include:
* K1: bulk capacity of 16 tonnes;
* K2: bulk capacity 25 tonnes/general cargo, 32 tonnes;
* K3: bulk capacity 25 tonnes/general cargo 32 tonnes.
BRS van Uden Stevedoring has many years of experience, and moves more than 5mt (million tonnes) a year. Product handled include:
* agribulk/GMP+
* glass;
* celistite;
* iron scrap;
* pig iron;
* minerals;
* bio products;
* offshore equipment;
* windmills;
* generators;
* transformers;
* steel plates and sheets;
* coils and steel bars;
* containers;
* big bags; and
* ingots/T-bars.
Added value services such as packing, shipping and stuffing are available.