Italy-based Bedeschi has reported an equipment contract for a fertiliser production facility at Aswan city in Upper Egypt.
The project is being undertaken by Egyptian Chemical Industry (KIMA) and has been developed with Tecnimont, a historical client of Bedeschi’s. It regards the transport of urea from granulation to bagging silos or to urea bulk storage, and the transport of the reclaimed urea from bulk storage to bagging silos.
The supply consists in a complete handling system, specifically a reclaimer with a capacity of 240 tph, a belt conveyor line totalling 1 km in length, three tripper cars, diverters, a dedusting system for each transfer point, vibrating screens, belt weighers.
Moreover, Bedeschi added that it will be responsible for the transfer of all the towers and galleries, and will supply a complete control system.
Some equipment has already been installed at the ammonia plant and granular urea plant, while the utilities and offshore facilities are still under development.