Above: Two Weldex cranes join additional project cargo in the hold for an export shipment to Finland.
ABP at the Port of Immingham has expertly handled a number of heavy lift components for export to Kemi in Finland.
ABP stevedored the project cargo operation of crane components totalling almost 2000 tonnes, across three days.
The cranes, owned by Weldex (International) Offshore Ltd, were transported by road to, Immingham, the UK’s largest port. The cranes, once reassembled overseas, will be used to construct onshore wind turbines.
The company, Martin Bencher International Project Freight Forwarder, who specialises in oversize and heavy cargo, was responsible for the ship chartering and project management execution. Project Manager, Martin D. Valsted, attended the Port of Immingham to oversee the operation.
Martin said: “It was a well-planned and executed operation that was carried out efficiently, including excellent communication and teamwork by all parties involved. As per Martin Bencher requirements, cargo was loaded safely with background in method statement and risk assessment”.
Meticulous planning was required from all parties involved in the ABP operation to ensure that each piece fitted perfectly within the vessel hold and the discharge operation in Finland would go with ease.
Simon Bird, Regional Director for ABP Humber said: “We’re pleased to work alongside companies such as Martin Bencher to successfully handle such unique cargo. Our operatives’ professionalism and willingness to adapt to various commodities means that we are able to handle all types of specialist cargo.”