The Ukraine is a major supplier of cereals and other agricultural crops to the world market. The country is therefore nicknamed the granary of Europe. Due to the Russian blockade of Black Sea ports, the Ukraine is facing major problems in exporting agricultural products. Fortunately trains are a valuable alternative to maritime transport at this time.
CD Cargo has also joined in a new way of helping the Ukraine. After delivering humanitarian aid and military equipment to the Ukraine, CD Cargo has now taken, in cooperation with other partners, the first train with corn from the Ukraine to the German port of Brake. From there, the shipment continued by ship to Egypt.
"The train carried about 1,800 tonnes of corn, which was loaded into the Uagps standard gauge wagons at the TKD transshipment depot in Dobrá near Cierna nad Tisou,” explains the chairman of the CD Cargo Board of Directors, Tomáš Tóth.
CD Cargo is also intensively discussing other transport options. A big advantage is that it is licensed for operation of trains in all neighbouring countries and has also experience in providing rail-water transport.