On 29th March 2010 Wilhelmsen Ships Service in the UK
incorporated its wholly owned subsidiary Wilhelmsen Premier
Marine Fuels (WPMF) into its main operating centre in
Dartford, London.
In August 2009 WPMF, one of the largest independent
bunker brokers in the world, was fully incorporated into
Wilhelmsen Ships Service in a move that further enhances the
company’s ability to serve customers and deliver additional
cost efficiencies.
The move of the London brokerage office to Wilhelmsen
Ships Service’s premises represents a greater consolidation of
the broad range of ships agency and bunker services that
Wilhelmsen Ships Service offers to its customers from the
London location. All experienced brokers have moved to the
Dartford office, ensuring continuity of the company’s high
quality services to its customers
“This is a natural move for us” explains Simon Hutt, area
director of central Europe and the UK. “Bringing WPMF into
our main UK office has given our customers a single contact
point for an even wider range of services, delivering real-time
and efficiency savings.”
Bunker broking services complement Wilhelmsen Ships
Service’s already broad range of maritime products and
services. The London brokerage office is one of four around
the world — other locations are Oslo, Singapore and Cape
Town — which handle customers’ bunker requirements.
When the company’s bunker brokers set up a bunker deal,
they can offer the customer in-house ships’ agency services in
2,200 ports around the world. The ships’ agents are a vital
local link to the operational side of the business, co-ordinating
the timing of the bunkering between vessels and suppliers and
dealing with all other matters relating to the delivery.
Wilhelmsen Ships Service supplies Unitor marine products,
technical services, ships agency services and maritime logistics.