Vostochny Port JSC (part of a holding run by Port Management Company LLC) has set up a new operation at Vladivostok Free Port (FPV), involving investment in the construction of Phase III of the coal terminal in Nakhodka municipality. This is an extension of the company’s existing coal transshipment facility. The terminal is fully automated, with coal seamlessly transshipped between rail and vessel, with coal storage and treatment services also provided.

In an arrangement involving the Far East Development Corporation, investment of $202 million is to be made in the project, which will provide additional capacity of 16.5 million tonnes per year, bringing annual capacity at Vostochny Port to 39 million tonnes. Coal will be sourced from the Kuzbass field and also from other coal fields across Russia.

Natoly Lazarev, Managing Director of JSC Vostochny Port, explains the connection with the Free Port: “The project provides for the development of transport infrastructure adjacent to the port through construction of two railway yards, a public and a non-public one. This, in turn, will permit an increase in throughput capacity at Nakhodka-Vostochnaya station. “Preferences obtained by our company as a resident of FPV will let us allocate more resources ... to strengthen the position of Vostochny Port JSC as the largest stevedore of the Russian Federation in the international market. It will certainly make a perfect contribution to reinforcing the best practices of cooperation between the businesses of Russia’s Far East with their partners from the Asia-Pacific Region.”

New installations to be built include storage facilities for 800,000 tonnes of coal, while the terminal will receive specialist equipment, such as stacker-reclaimers, conveyors and a wagon dump.

The new project also complies with all existing ecological standards and regulations.

“We have signed an agreement with Vostochny Port,” said Denis Tikhonov, Director General of the Far East Development Corporation. “It is essential that construction of new port facilities will have a positive impact on the development of the coal production business. The industry [in turn] will get more jobs and see a good economic and budget effect.”

“Logistics and port businesses have a huge potential in the Far East. With the special economic regimes of PDA and FPV, investors obtain instruments and preferences for more efficient implementation of their projects. Among the important activities is the construction of new cutting-edge coal terminals allowing for building up Russia’s coal exports to APR countries,” he added.